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Last updated: April 06, 2018


Please read the terms of use (also denoted as ‘terms’ below) carefully before using http://www.rhysevans.xyz/ (also denoted as ‘our website’, ‘this website’ below). Access of this website demonstrates an implicit acceptance of all terms detailed within this document, upon any dissent with any term detailed within this document will constitute an unauthorised access to our website.

Links To Other Web Sites

This website may provide links to external/third-party websites, services or other such material which the proprietor of this website do not possess control/ownership over, and therefore assumes no responsibility for any content, or practices within the aforementioned websites. Through use of our website you acknowledge and agree that http://www.rhysevans.xyz/ shall not be liable for any damage or loss caused, to be caused, or alleged to be caused either directly nor indirectly.

Legal Jurisdiction

These terms shall be governed and interpreted in line with the law of England and Wales. Failure on the part of the site’s proprietor to state any rights available under law shall not be interpreted as a waiver of such rights. Any provisions that are deemed ultra vires within this document shall no longer be enforced but in no way shall invalidate the provisions which are intra vires.


Whilst the proprietor makes reasonable efforts to ensure that all information is correct, we cannot accept liability regarding the accuracy or complexness of any information detailed within http://www.rhysevans.xyz/.

Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights associated with this website (and any works associated with this website which are the property of the proprietor) are the sole property of the proprietor. The proprietor of this website licenses the user to use (browse) this website only, this does not include (But is not limited to) the following; copying, reproduction, distribution of copies, false attribution of this website, etc.

The purchase of this domain name shall not allow the purchaser to make use of the goodwill previously established by the proprietor by way of either passing off or inverse passing off. Should the ownership of this website be transferred by the original author, the proprietor firmly asserts the right to be identified as the original author of the work pursuant to S.77 of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1984.


Failure on the part of the proprietor to take action for the breach of any of these conditions will still entitle the proprietor to exercise their rights in any other breach of other conditions.


We reserve the rights to amend these terms at the discretion of the proprietor. Despite the proprietor making reasonable efforts to ensure that users are informed (within 30 days of the amendment), it is highly recommended that users revise the terms of use at the start of each browsing, as they may be subject to amendment without notice.

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